The Pulse 09/08/2019 – BVLOS Successes Abound

August 9th, 2019

Round up:

A big week for BVLOS advances in UAV Inspection, and the North Sea wakes up to the opportunity cost of asset integrity issues.


This week in UAV Inspection:

FlyTech UAV recently launched Innovative long-range electric power lines modelling with fixed-wing aerial data. Using an efficient flying wing BIRDIE allows to cover up to 10 km of transmission lines in one, 60-minute BVLOS flight.

How to break into the UAV inspection sector for Oil and Gas – the main lesson? Compliance.

Following FAA Approval, the University of Alaska was able to complete the first-ever ‘Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight’ drone flight without a visual observer to inspect a four-mile stretch of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.


This week in Asset Integrity:

Energy Voice covers the lost opportunity of Asset Integrity in the North SeaIn 2017, the North Sea lost out on 14.7 million barrels of oil due to asset integrity issues. That equates to roughly $926m at today’s oil price. Repsol also announces the Asset Integrity Task Group (AITG).

Apparently, the Europe Asset Integrity Management Market is Booming Worldwide – request a sample report here.

Oceaneering resisted the pressure to rush to market with a tablet built for the offshore environment, and it’s now patience has paid off. Find out how their newly launched technology is better than the rest.

Kraken Robotic Systems has secured $1.8m funding to develop a mooring chain laser inspection sensor that can be used in offshore oil and gas applications. The reconstructed 3D images from the inspection are spectacular.

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