The Pulse 12/07/2019 – Partnerships and Uptake of New Tech in UAV Inspection

July 15th, 2019

Round up:

It’s been a busy week for partnerships and global expansion across the UAV inspection and Asset Integrity sectors.


This week in UAV Inspection:

Argentina’s largest oil and gas companies grow interested in utilizing UAV inspection services for their infrastructure. Drone adoption in various applications has brought exponential improvement of safety and efficiency to the country’s top-tier O&G players including YPF, Shell, Petrocuyo, Edelap and 360 Energía.

Terra Drone Corporation recently completed its investment in RoNik Inspectioneering, a Dutch company that performs visual and ultrasonic inspections using wireless robotics. The newly named unit will focus on inspection of industrial, hazardous and enclosed spaces such as storage tanks, boilers, super heaters, furnaces, stacks and pipelines.

MMC UAV, a leading industrial UAV company, is partnering up with Yuneec, an Intel-invested electric aviation company known for its consumer drone series Typhoon, in pursuit of enhancing UAV products.

As the demand for UAVs increases, so does the demand for UAV jammers. Commercialization and increasing popularity of the drones in commercial and entertainment applications have led to the considerable increase in the privacy concerns among the population.

Japan Infrastructure Waymark Co. Ltd has today signed an agreement with leading UAV service provider Aerodyne to collaborate on drone-based services for infrastructure management, both within Japan and on behalf of overseas Japanese companies.


This week in Asset Integrity:

SolSpec announces their ROW Integrity Management solution, tailored to assessing and managing hazards and risks to pipelines.

WFS Technologies, a provider of Subsea Internet of Things (SIOT®) devices for Asset Integrity Management, today announced their expansion into Houston and Brazil.

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