The Pulse 20/06/19 – A Busy Week for Technology Announcements

June 28th, 2019

Round up:

It’s been a busy week for technology announcements and project completions in the UAV Inspection sector, and Oceaneering Inc. launches a significant piece of software in the Asset Integrity field.


This week in UAV Inspection:

Terra Drone Europe has completed a 5-day aerial survey of the Doraleh Port Djibouti using UAV at an altitude of 75 meters. Previous topographical inspection would have been time intensive and data-sparse, using a levelling device which provides approximately 1 data point per 5 meters. The UAV-based inspection method took 5 days only and provided 20,000 data points per square meter. Read more here.  

China’s largest industrial UAV manufacturer MMC (Micromulticopter Aviation) signed deal with Aeronext on joint development of 4D Gravity drone on June 20th in Shenzhen. The idea of the 4D gravity drone is to develop ‘gravity controlling’ technology to stabilise the payloads on a UAV. As claimed by the partners in the venture, the technology will be able to deliver a bowl of noodle soup without spilling a drop.

In the field of pipeline inspection, SolSpec Inc., have announced SolSpec™ ROW Integrity Management, an advanced aerial imagery and data analytics solution designed specifically for assessing, mitigating, and preventing geohazard risks on pipeline right-of-ways.

Drone Life have written an informative piece on ‘unattended technology’, analysing the blocks on UAV automation and the industry players working to move the technology forward.


This week in Asset Integrity:

Oceaneering International, Inc., has launched the Inform Inspect digital asset inspection system. The tablet-based technology offers standardized data captured into a cloud-based system. Field trials have demonstrated conservative productivity gains of up to 30% in end-to-end inspection times.

It’s another big week of market research as a report is published in Asset Integrity Management Systems market 2019-2025. Read a write up of the report here, and you can request a sample of the report here.

The deferred maintenance backlog at America’s national parks has climbed to nearly $12 billion, and there are those who believe that a preventative asset maintenance program could be instrumental to reducing this numbers. Will UAVs play a leading role? Read the write up here, and watch this space for more.

The Global Wind Turbine Inspection Drones Market 2019 Overview has been published. It’s niche, but you can request a sample of the report here.


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