The Pulse 21/06/19 – Novel Uses for UAVs and Positive Regulatory Changes

June 21st, 2019

Round up:

An interesting week with some different headlines. Canada takes regulatory steps that will enable BVLOS inspection. In Spain, UAVs are put to work monitoring the ageing of wine. Still a big week for research in Asset Integrity, see below for access to the report.


This week in UAV Inspection:

Canada has taken important steps in adjusting regulation this week. A review of the transportation sector’s roadmap includes a proposed amendment to Canadian Aviation Regulations to provide more clarity and flexibility for remotely piloted aircraft systems. This brings SkyX Systems, an aerial monitoring solutions provider, a step closer to being able to perform beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations in Canada.

Good news for wine lovers – in a resourceful use of UAV technology, a comprehensive study leveraged UAV-mounted FLIR thermography cameras to study wine cellars in a northern region of Spain, using the data collected to optimise storage conditions and minimise wasted wine.

Over the next few years we are set to see the rollout of a host of commercial drone offerings, with the likes of Amazon finally bringing a commercial UAV project to market. Specialised markets such as industrial inspection are also set to surge. This will drive the dramatic predicted growth in the manufacture of commercial drones to $9.5 Bn in 2019.


This week in Asset Integrity:

Remote sensing and data analytics provider SolSpec has launched SolSpec ROW Integrity Management solution, an advanced aerial imagery and data analytics offering designed to evaluate mitigate and avoid geohazard risks on pipeline right-of-ways.

The Oil and Gas Asset Integrity Management Services Market (2019 – 2024) Growth Trends Analysis and Forecast continues to receive a press mentions and links in the media. Another feature can be found here.

Global engineering and project management firm Penspen recently partnered with Ankaa Consulting to provide a stronger asset integrity offering in Asia. Read the full release here.

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