Land, Sea and Air

we are at the forefront of the industry.
We go beyond the average inspection. It’s why we’re ACE.

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Innovative robotics, including custom-engineered UAV-based Inspection technologies designed to drive a step-change in the cost, reliability and safety of offshore O&G inspection.

We make any inspection on land, sea or in the air better. As the certified remote inspection technology specialist, Air Control Entech operates, designs, manufactures and implements solutions to any of your inspection needs, however complex. Whatever your project requirements, we make it happen. And if the technology doesn’t even exist, we’ll make it. We operate collaboratively with you, streamlining operations, ensuring less personnel, less risk to lives, less commercial outlay and less disruption to get the job done effectively, efficiently and safely.

Why Robotics:


It’s time to use the latest technology available in VR, AI, big data and video analytics. It’s time to go live. It’s time to be transparent, using open API’s to create a path for the smartest data analytics available to come to the fore.


It’s time to fundamentally change the game in an industry with its‘ back against the $60-dollar-a-barrel wall. It’s time to take 2 mandays, not 20. It’s time to use technology to get lean. It’s time to innovate, not cost cut.


It’s time to take people out of harms way, instead leveraging engineering and innovation to get the job done. It’s time to cut risk, see data trends, and get the complete picture so that safer decisions can be made.

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There is a fundamental difference between a solution that has been engineered around an inspection instrument, and an off-the-shelf drone that has been retro-fitted with the same instrument.

Only one will get you the results you need.