BOOST TO ACE’s operations as The Oil & Gas Technology Centre approve grant

September 16th, 2017

The faith that stakeholders have in ACE’s leadership and innovative products is manifest in their eagerness to support their work. The oil and gas technology centres (OGTC) have approved a grant to enable ACE to tackle challenges faced by the industry through technology.

Colette Cohen, Chief Executive of the Oil & Gas Technology Centre said:

“It’s exciting to approve investment of £1.6 million in our first three projects and we look forward to helping these innovative companies take their concepts from early stage development through to deployment in the oil field.”

Inspecting Oil and Gas assets at a lower cost is top on OGTCs agenda and ACE aims to provide a solution using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology. This technology is not only less expensive but safer than using human resource. Reduced accidents and an improved quality of inspections is certainly a way to foster industry growth and reduce costs.

Securing this grant also means that the company can successfully carry out live trials that are set to commence in the middle of 2017. The trials will allow for determining product direction, capacity and having practical experience in the challenges and opportunities its technology faces. Stakeholders will be interested in knowing whether a theoretical solution can be implemented in the long term.

Kieran Hope, Managing Director of Air Control Entech, said:

“We have been working closely with the Oil & Gas Technology Centre over the last few months to understand the challenges North Sea operators are facing with asset integrity. Air Control Entech has some great technology concepts that can transform industry practices and reduce costs. The Oil & Gas Technology Centre has created an excellent opportunity to take our ideas to the next level, with field trials commencing in July 2017.”

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