Air Control Entech & EPSCO form partnership for complete water quality service

April 6th, 2021

Air Control Entech is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with EPSCO, the leading water system cleanliness and performance provider, to create a single point, end-to-end water inspection and quality assessment service.

The service will benefit clients in the oil and gas, industrial and distillery sectors who operate water systems including tanks and pipes.

Under the agreement, Air Control Entech’s remotely operated vehicles gather high quality data and samples from water tanks safely and without the need for a shutdown. EPSCO interprets the data, assess the samples and can assist with any required action to ensure clients remain compliant with changing HSE water requirements.

The benefits of the partnership include:

  • One point of contact for all water service requirements
  • One team to mobilise therefore total cost savings on transport and accommodation
  • Enhanced efficiencies and time reductions through a streamlined service

The combined expertise of two leaders in their respective industries delivering high quality data and recommendations.

Water quality has been identified as a growth market for Air Control Entech. Improvements in technology and data gathering have improved robotic inspection techniques. This has led to efficiency gains, the safety benefits of avoiding confined space entry, enabling service inspections while remaining operational and allowing inspections of previously inaccessible locations.

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