Engineers. UAV Pilots. Robotics Specialists.

Whatever the need, we have the capability. With crawlers, UAVs and ROVs, we are capable of inspecting everything, anywhere. Under bridge inspection tools. Internal visual inspection. External visual inspection. We work directly with owners and operators of assets, as well as directly with inspection companies to ensure data is obtained and delivered quickly, easily and above all, accurately.


We are building an open API. Why?

Because we recognise that there is tremendous talent and potential out there. There are companies pushing the boundaries of what we believe is possible in data analytics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and video analytics. We're determined to build an open API so that we may partner with the best analytics software engineers globally. We want an open API so that we can do what we do – innovate. Combining the best technologies, adapting them to the inspection industry, engineering the product to be smarter, faster and safer.

Case Studies

We set the

We sit on the Committee for International standards of Drone operations and manufacturing.

Smarter. Faster. Safer.