Inspection from every angle

The ACE-L-002 crawler system is a durable, rugged portable crawler suitable for ultrasonic and visual inspections of a variety of objects such as pressure vessels, steel storage tanks and large diameter pipes. With built-in Olympus UT probe and choice of up to 30 metres of control, co-ax or couplant hose cables, this product can perform A-Scans or B-Scans on a wide range of flat or curved steel structures. Of robust aluminium exterior, with and two versatile 4000 series Microtracts crawler tracts, this crawler can withstand impact, high temperatures and extreme conditions in a variety of applications. The Crystal Cam has adjustable LED intensity providing high-quality imaging and information from any surface. Simple to manoeuvre via built-in joystick and portable interface box, this is ideal for accessing a number of hazardous or dangerous areas from a distance without the requirement of human entry, reducing risks to human safety.