Inspection from every angle

VT34 FW Magnetic Crawler ACE-L-001

The ACE-L-001is an extremely compact, watertight and manoeuvrable rover with submersible capabilities on ferrous metals. Built-in rare earth magnets allow the crawler to travel vertically, horizontally and even upside down. With integrated lighting on both sides, it guarantees ideal illumination of all objects and inspection areas. The system is currently pressure rated to 5Bar allowing for submerged working and in-service inspections. From HD Video Camera to Ultrasonic, Phased Array to EMAT Transducer, the ACE-L-001can be mounted with a range of different retrofit inspection payloads.

MaggUT Tethered Crawler ACE-L-002

The ACE-L-002 crawler system is a durable, rugged portable crawler suitable for ultrasonic and visual inspections of a variety of objects such as pressure vessels, steel storage tanks and large diameter pipes. With built-in Olympus UT probe and choice of up to 30 metres of control, co-ax or couplant hose cables, this product can perform A-Scans or B-Scans on a wide range of flat or curved steel structures. Of robust aluminium exterior, with and two versatile 4000 series Microtracts crawler tracts, this crawler can withstand impact, high temperatures and extreme conditions in a variety of applications. The Crystal Cam has adjustable LED intensity providing high-quality imaging and information from any surface. Simple to manoeuvre via built-in joystick and portable interface box, this is ideal for accessing a number of hazardous or dangerous areas from a distance without the requirement of human entry, reducing risks to human safety.

MaggHD Tethered Crawler ACE-L-003

The ACE-L-003 offers a 360-degree continuous tilt camera with full 1080p video, a 10X optical and 12X digital zoom, optional variable intensity spot and floor LED lights and parallel laser lines for on-screen size estimation. Utilising ICON and InPRO PC control system, the crawler records video at full resolutions and allows for still image capture, on-screen annotation and sensor integration. When part of a complete tank inspection package, the camera head can be removed from the crawler and attached to an extendable pole for quick evaluation of nearby hazards or confined spaces. The crawler system can also be adapted to incorporate the UT thickness scanning ability of the ACE-L-003.

Micromag UT Tethered Crawler ACE-L-004

The ACE-L-004 Probe and Wire brush is a high-performance, easy-to-use accessory for the standard ACE-L-004 crawler giving highly accurate ultrasonic thickness measurements of underwater ferrous metal surfaces. It can also be used in air with a couplant. The standard probe included with the ACE-L-004 is the Industrial Cygnus Mini ROVTM UT probe, offering sound velocities between 1000m/s and 9995m/s, with accuracy of 0.1mm. Resolution is 0.05mm, and the frequency is 2.25MHz for measuring steel thicknesses between 3mm250mm. Options are available in 3.5 MHz (2mm-150mm) or 5.0MHz (1mm-50mm).

VT50 Tethered Crawler ACE-L-050

The ACE-L-050 is a remotely operated crawler vehicle for inspecting pipes as small as 50 millimetres (2 inches) in diameter. The ACE-L-050 raises the bar for confined space entry and inspection. The standard crawler vehicle comes with a simple camera and LED lighting, but it can be simply and easily outfitted with other sensors for your specific needs.

VT100 Tethered Crawler ACE-L-100

The ACE-L-100 is a miniature crawler system capable of inspecting pipe and ducts as small as 4in / 10cm in diameter. This crawler offers an in-line and parallel configuration for different pipe sizes. The ACE-L-100 is extremely portable – the entire system fits into two Pelican cases, including tether cable and hand reel. Despite its compact size, this system has the impressive power, able to penetrate up to 600ft / 180m of pipe and overcome obstacles and offset joints. All units are easily configurable for round pipe or flat surface operation. The vehicles are adjustable for a range of different pipe diameters.


VT100 Internal Vertical Climb Tethered Crawler ACE-L-100VC

An extremely versatile and durable answer for inspecting pipes of varying diameters in practically any orientation. Robust construction from marine grade anodized aluminium and stainless steel, this Crawler is fully submersible to 30m. Three powerful and independently controlled Microtracs and expandable tripod chassis means negotiating difficult bends and elevations are easy, with distance range of up to 183m. Joystick controls remotely direct the speed, direction and expansion of the equipment, using the remote sensors to send alerts when pipe diameters change. The onboard camera can tilt or pan delivering high-quality footage. A rear-facing camera, colour LCD monitors and a Digital Video Record (DVR) real-time video image enhancement system are all available as optional extras.

VT150 Tethered Crawler ACE-L-150

This state-of-the-art internal pipe inspection robotic crawler can inspect pipes with diameters ranging from 6” to 40”. Its unique long distance range across a wide range of diameters make the ACE-L-150 the best in class Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) solution for internal pipe inspection. The system is rated to 6Bar for submerged in-service inspections. Featuring HD Camera for more detailed structural integrity assessment, motorised camera for position adjustment during RVI, fibre optic cable options for high bandwidth payloads, instant adaptation for NDT sensors and tooling and ability to inspect up to 1,000m in a single run, this is the best RVI crawler in its class.